Thursday, January 5, 2012

Boosting Marketing Analytics in Finland with Zeeland family

After my resignation, it's a pleasure to say that I'm now responsible of developing analytics services at Zeeland, one of the biggest marketing communication companies in Finland. After all, it was an easy decision, although during the two and half months, when I was more or less a sportsman and a housewife, there was 15 new and different kind of opportunities!

At Zeeland, starting today, we are launching new marketing analytics service package and pricing model. At your discretion means that if you are not happy with the insights and results done by us, you don't have to pay for it. We are challenging CxOs to the next level of marketing - there shouldn't be no excuses anymore!

I'm sure there are lots of work when it comes to measuring offline and online advertising, multichannel customer experiences and point of sales. Stay tuned because there are some very good modern marketing stuff coming up. Contact me if you want some additional information about Zeeland's services. And feel free to connect me or the company in social media.