Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Next Web Analytics event in Helsinki - WAA Finland goes to Sanoma

There are only few seats left for the next web analytics event in Helsinki. Check out details of this free event, sign up now and be there when WAA Finland goes to Sanoma in one week, on Wednesday March 30. We are having excellent speakers including Anders Stenbäck, Michael Dlugosch and Pekka Koskinen.

We will also have an interesting experiment during the event when we get live connection with Web Analytics Wednesday Budapest - happening at same time. We will have a short talk about WAA Code of Ethics with Emer Kirrane, manager at Yahoo! Web Analytics. We will have a vote regarding to ethics and behavioral advertising. Behavioral Display Advertising is when a visitor sees ads on a website based on their behavior on other 3rd party websites. 

Question is: Behavioral Display Advertising doesn't appear to break any element of the WAA Code of Ethics but is it an ethical technique? Do you find this smart business practice or a bit creepy?  Should it be named as an unethical practice by the WAA?” You can also follow the discussion in Twitter with hashtag #flashwaw.

After the official program we will tune up for networking in Sports Pub Chelsea right next to Sanoma building. You can use this Quick Response code to save the event in your mobile phone's calendar. I will write more about QR codes in the near future. In the meanwhile you can read my guest post about QR codes and download a reader if you don't have one.

See you soon in Helsinki and greetings from sunny Barcelona! :)