Sunday, February 13, 2011

Taking my part of guessing Nokia Microsoft marriage

My first reaction was "WTF Elop"! I have thought this Nokia Microsoft marriage couple of days now. I have read very good blog posts as well. Yes, I have found out that I don't follow the mainstream media that much anymore. And just because the content is poor. The real experts are the one who have worked in Nokia or with Symbian and MeeGo.

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Anyway, Stephen Elop wasn't the man who decided alone that Nokia is going for Windows 7 mobile. These kind of big strategic decisions usually take long time and Mr. Elop just came in. Nokia's board has been investigating this marriage a year or so. Maybe he knew about it, maybe not. His letter about Nokia's bad strategy is something you don't do without board knowing about it so that was probably part of Nokia's media game.

I'm Google guy for sure. My new Android phone has never crashed in a month and I'm very pleased of using it. Nokia is not competing with Google in the future. Google is a software company and Nokia will be more or less a device manufacturer. Apple is creating very nice devices, but it has own platform so it's mixed company with software and devices. All these enterprises have, and they will have huge ecosystems.

My guess is that all these companies will have space in the markets. I'm not guessing any market shares because it's easy to count sold phones but how on earth you're calculating market share of Google? Innovation and product development of the company is creating whole new markets every year...

It's very hard to manage these kind of ecosystems. The best you can do is listen and engage with the ecosystem. It's very interesting to see how Symbian and Meego communities are evolving in the future. There will be plenty of knowledge for new start-ups when Nokia is letting people go. What I don't understand is why government should involve with this in anyway?

Here's just couple of my thoughts that needed to be written down. Feel free to comment and agree or disagree. Let's see if the blue screen in coming... : )

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