Saturday, January 22, 2011

First eZ Publish user event in Finland

Unfortunately I won't be in Nice this time when international eZ winter conference kicks off next week. I'm sure you will have a great event and especially weekend in Alps. Elina and Denis will be representing NXC, at least during the community and parter day. I would like to hear your thoughts and comments so keep on tweeting. The week after eZ conference I will be in Oslo meeting our Norwegian team, eZ people and Affecto Norway.

On Wednesday, 9th of February, we are arranging first eZ Publish user event in Finland.
If you have eZ Publish in your organization, or your just interested about it, you are warmly welcome. First of all this is a networking event so we have relaxed program with long breaks and possibility to have a chat after the presentations. We will start the day with breakfast and greetings from Nice.

Tuomo Syvänperä will be talking about email marketing and he is showing our newsletter application. Our latest endorsement, Chief Analytics Officer Kari Taura will show how to measure and test email marketing. I'm sure he will be a guest author in this blog sooner or later. Jaakko Kallio will be speaking about mobile marketing in general and especially iPhone / iPad applications. I will wrap up with a presentation of multichannel publishing.

I think we have very interesting day coming up. Check out the program (in Finnish) and sign up. Feel free to spread the word. : )