Saturday, January 22, 2011

First eZ Publish user event in Finland

Unfortunately I won't be in Nice this time when international eZ winter conference kicks off next week. I'm sure you will have a great event and especially weekend in Alps. Elina and Denis will be representing NXC, at least during the community and parter day. I would like to hear your thoughts and comments so keep on tweeting. The week after eZ conference I will be in Oslo meeting our Norwegian team, eZ people and Affecto Norway.

On Wednesday, 9th of February, we are arranging first eZ Publish user event in Finland.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

iPad rocks - we are living the mobile convergence

First of all, I wish you very prosperous New Year 2011! During the holidays I had more time to explore the iPad, and so did my kids.
"It's the overall user experience that I value the most in iPad." 
As I'm writing this post, my oldest daughter, five year old Mona is watching Winx videos in YouTube with the iPad. It's amazing to see how they somehow learn to use the device, just in seconds.

There is definitely a market for tablet devices. I think Apple has proven that already with their iPad sales record. As a business user, sometimes I need my laptop, but sometimes I'm quite comfortable traveling and handling meetings with an iPad or even a smart phone. This is possible because we have most of our applications online (Google Apps,, Jira, Netvisor), so basically I just need a browser to access almost all necessary tools.