Saturday, June 12, 2010

Web Analytics Metrics vs. Hockey Stats

This is a tribute post for goaltender Antti Niemi, latest and eight all time Finnish Stanley Cup winner. He won the Cup with Chicago Blackhawks couple days ago and this was only his second season in NHL. Too bad that Hawks' victory took away the glory from Kimmo Timonen and Ville Leino who played with Philadelphia Flyers. Anyway, I have enjoyed Cinderella stories of Niemi and Leino very much during the past season.

Actually I got an idea for this post months ago when Leevi Kokko opened a web analytics seminar of Advertisers' Association. Leevi compared web analytics metrics to hockey stats so I thought to take this little bit further. I think one thing is common for these two; both of them are hard sport and you don't usually get big wins unless you haven't done some good systematic work. Here are my web analytics metrics and hockey stats comparisons:
  • visits = games played
  • visitor = player
  • page view = shifts
  • page views per visit = shifts per game
  • average page views = average shifts per game 
  • time on site = time on ice
  • average time on site = average time on ice
  • micro conversion = shot
  • macro conversion = goal
  • macro conversion rate = goals per game
  • micro conversion rate = shots per game
  • bounce = save
  • bounce rate = not converted visits' rate
  • macro conversions per visits = goal average against
  • not converted visits = shootouts
  • exit = penalty
Feel free to disagree with me or continue this and leave a comment. : ) Check out this great and very funny music video of Antti Niemi: