Saturday, September 19, 2009

Web Analytics Conference in Helsinki - my recap

Based on immediate response we had a very good Web Analytics Conference in Helsinki this week around cross-/multichannel measurement. I have to admit that I was stressed because the event was 2-3 times bigger than previous ones this year. There was up to 230 people attending! We had 350 sign ups and people in the waiting list. Still, I would like too see more customers in these events which are very good opportunities to learn more. Spread our word to directors and marketers you know.

I guess the no-show percentage is quite big (34 %) because this was a free event. This is probably about to change and in the future only WAA members attend free + they are getting discounts, other benefits and all presentation online. This maybe a good time to think about professional membership for only $199/year. Join us now! : )

We created small buzz around this event. You can see (below) visitor peaks at WAA Finland website on August 11th when we send invitations and September 15th when the actual event was held. There was also up to 30 tweets in Twitter with #measure hashtag. Can't wait to see how it will be totally different during eMetrics in Stockholm (with #emetrics hashtag). In my mind, if you are an analytics professional and you're not using social media like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook etc., you can't really be convincing nowadays.

We started the networking session, Web Analytics Wednesday, right after the official part. Although it started on Tuesday it ended (some one was singing karaoke somewhere in the middle) at 5-7 a.m. on Wednesday morning. : ) Although we created some buzz, Adobe + Omniture news stole the show (you can see the huge peak below in Google Insights). First I thought that it was a joke...but eventually, Omniture people on site started to turn from green to red. ; )

I think Susanne had a solid presentation, but I have to disagree with one thing. Customer experiences don't necessary cross the web channel. Although web usage is growing and 82 % of Finnish people are using Internet, sometimes you just react to offline advertisement and go to the store near you. So how do you measure offline to offline conversions?

With newspaper and direct marketing it's quite easy: you can use coupons (with barcode) or codes but with radio and TV you should probably use another channel, like SMS, in the middle. Or then you just know because you're selling so well. Maybe it's reliefing for customers to know that there's different kind of means and ways to measure marketing activities, like Kalle Heinonen clearly pointed out with examples in his presentation. More often attitude problems are preventing measuring or because of "company policy" customers are not allowed to use campaign specific domains or vanity URLs.

Kalle had a question from the audience that how much a lead is costing for Omniture...I mean Adobe. His answer was approximately 20 € and it really depends on what costs you're counting in. I know how many leads Kalle got and I also know what is the sponsoring cost so I can tell you that using these numbers the cost per lead is 7-8 €. Not bad. But, as always, you can't jugde success or failure just by a single key performance indicator - you need more information.

It was fun and educating to listen Geoff Galat, Vice President from Tealeaf. He told us customer experience stories and research results. His main point being that every customer experience is unique! If you don't have gut to present investment to Tealeaf's fancy software right away, maybe you can start collecting customer insights and feedback by simple surveys.

Aurélie Pols recommended to build a business case with cross-channel measurement before investing in expensive software, data warehouse or integrations. It reminds me about 10/90 rule although with good free web analytics tools in market it could be 0/100 rule. But this depends also what is your stage of maturity with web analytics?

Steve Jackson's and Maarten Patteeuw's presentation concentrated pretty much on how to measure offsite success and how social media buzz is linking to your website (business). Although they didn't gave us all KPIs, I think the point was obvious. I have promised and I will write a post (maybe even this year) about how to measure social media / offsite success.

As always, if you read this post so far (congratulations!), feel free to shoot me some questions by email or leave your comment here. Looking forward to see you in Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin or upcoming events! Cheers!