Saturday, June 13, 2009

How next generation uses Internet - an interview

The other day, I tried to show my sister-in-law's son, who is staying with us a while, how to use our TV and satellite receiver. 14 year old Markus said that it's not necessary - so I got curious. He said that Internet is just enough for him. I decided to do a little interview, just to study more how the next generation uses Internet. Basically Markus has grown with Internet, web has been there since the boy was born in 1995.
"Markus uses Internet 4-5 hours per day."
Mostly he is chatting with friends and playing games. His favourite website is IRC-Gallery where he likes to chat, look and comment pictures. IRC-Gallery states it is the biggest Internet community (social media site) in Finland, average user age approximately 20 years. 60 % of registered users are over 18.
"I only watch TV, maybe an hour a day, if there is no Internet access available."
Markus also likes Nettiauto and Nettimoto, where he is also looking photos of cheap cars and bikes. Markus is planning to sell his moped and get new one when he turns 15. He doesn't shop in the Internet regularly...yet. Markus uses his email just for receiving alerts from Nettimoto. Instead of writing emails he is chatting and having video calls with his friends and acquaintances.

He would like to use web, email and Messenger by his mobile phone, but since he has pre-paid SIM-card, it's not possible. Markus doesn't use other social media services like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or blogs. He downloads music, games (and knows legas issues pretty well :) and watches funny videos from YouTube almost on a daily basis.

Sometimes, couple times per month, when he needs to find some information, Markus uses only Google. Markus is starting 8th grade in the fall and he chose to have 2 hours / week computing. I just wonder what they might teach him or is he teaching his teacher?