Saturday, March 14, 2009

TV Advertising and Web Analytics study

It took a while to finish my TV advertising and web analytics observation study. That's why I'm not 100 % sure how reliable this research is. Still, it gives pretty clear picture how TV ads have been used.
"TV advertising is mostly used for attention and building brands."
However, in some cases it is also used for a certain intention. We have had some kind of debate during the last WAW with Steve Jackson and good discussion about this with Tomi and Perttu too. Especially during the economical downturn,
"I think TV advertising should be used for creating direct actions."
I was curious about how TV advertising was converting people to Internet so basicly I sat down and watched some commercials. Mainly from two biggest TV channels in Finland, MTV3 and Nelonen. Here are the results of the Finnish jury:

Total number of TV ads analysed: 115
Clear call-to-action in a TV ad: 29,6 %
URL appearing during the TV ad: 60,0 %
Unique URL with those ads which
included the URL: 8,7 %
"Unique domain names are the only way to measure exact effects on website visitors of TV ads."
Web analytics tracking code with those TV ads which included the URL: 68,1 %
"Three companies out of ten TV advertisers don't have a javascript based web analytics system in place."
Web analytics vendors had the following shares from TV advertisers analysed:

Google Analytics
: 57,5 %
Snoobi: 19,2 %
Omniture SiteCatalyst: 8,5 %
Other web analytics system: 14,9 %

It also seems that MTV3 has more domain names and unique URLs in TV ads compared to average. Just a coincident? What do you think about this post, let me hear your thoughts?