Monday, March 23, 2009

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Three weeks ago Google announced Individual Qualification program of the Google Analytics. Although I have been using GA for several years, I spent couple of hours with Google's conversion university to learn details, few tricks and to remind some old stuff. The test was quite easy for me and I passed it with 85 % of right answers. Still,
"Google Analytics Individual Qualification is a good prove of certain level of expertise required to get benefits from the web analytics application."
There is 90 minutes time limit to answer 70 multiple choise questions online. I spent around 75 minutes. You have to have 75 % right to pass the test, which cost is $50. From end customer or employer point of view,
"You can and you should require Google Analytics Individual Qualification sertification before you hire a consultant."
If the case is you're working with Google Analytics in general. In many, many, many cases that I'm involved in,
"The real problem is the lack of insights and actions based on web analytics or other web intelligence data."
Give me some feedback about this and tell me what have you done lately with your GA data? If you're also using Google Adwords, you can enjoy easy integration with Google Analytics. And you can also require Google Adwords Professional sertification from your agency as well.

Google has many other free tools you can use to study customers online behaviour, remember to ask from your consultant what other Google tools they have used and might suggest for you.