Friday, November 28, 2008

IMC presentation available - Campaign tracking and Marketing optimization case

Magnus, Terhi, Lars, Lennart, Elina, Steve, Mira, Janne, Oliver, Henrik, Thomas, Tobias, Mark, James, Andrey, Denis, Jen, Stephan, Jesper, Katri, Marc, Henry, Pekka, Mikko, Nicolas - everyone else I met and everyone who watched my presentation: thank you for making the IMC Stockholm 2008 such of nice, usefull and relaxed event!

There was companies like Videoplaza, Trainers' House Analytics, Naviatech, IIH Copenhagen, Google, WebTrends, Maxymiser, Interwoven, Yandex, Unica, Clickstar, Traceworks, Creuna, Snoobi, Getupdated, Omniture and many many more. As promised, here is my IMC presentation about online and offline campaign tracking and marketing optimization at SEA LIFE Helsinki. I will write a recap from the event later so stay tuned.
"Good shit!"
Steve Jackson right after my presentation. : )