Friday, September 19, 2008

A nomination for the chairman of WAA Finland

I wondered earlier who will be the replacement of Kalle Heinonen as a chairman of the Web Analytics Association Finland. Now it's clear that I'm nominated for this post. Have to say it's an honor and I truly appreciate it. I was a bit surprised, but I had also a little hunch of this coming. I thank the board of Naviatech which in great wisdom is accepting and believing this is a good thing. : )

I look forward to if other nominees are accepting their roles and the organization coming real. I'm really eager for the job and networking. I would like to see what we can achieve with several people working together and raising the awareness of web analytics in general.


DATE 10.09.2008

Dear sir,

The International chapter of the Web Analytics Association is piloting the development of a board of directors in each member country which will follow the organizational structure set-up in the US. The first pilot of this structure is to be in Finland. You have been recommended to our Board Development Committee as a possible candidate for board service. We are requesting you to give serious consideration to our nomination shown below.The nominations are;

  • Chairman (Country Manager) - Petri Mertanen (Naviatech)