Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kalle to Omniture, Dennis to WAA board of directors

Before happy news, I have to say I'm sad and disappointed about the fact that my case SEA LIFE presentation is canceled in eMetrics Summit Stockholm. Whatever the reason, I worked hard to get this very good case public and a little bit PR for both companies. Well - you win some, you lose some. I was asked to an another seminar to represent search engine optimization and a customer case. I'll let you know if this is going to happen FOR SURE. Good news is that I'll be in Stockholm anyway, as a guest. Thank you Sandra and Fanny for your efforts.

And back to the topic. I speculated earlier what Kalle Heinonen might do next. It took couple of months and now we know that Kalle is joining Omniture to help their business in Finland and Baltics region. As Kalle is also advisor of Naviatech's board, and me having bigger customers, this combination may open up interesting possibilities. Because of his current job, Kalle will leave his position as a WAA Finland country manager. I have been involved in planning the Finnish WAA board of directors, so I really look forward to who will be Kalle's replacement.

When Avinash Kaushik step down, Dennis R. Mortensen was selected to WAA board of directors. Although he won't probably talk for separate WAA-EU organization, I'm sure he will know the local challenges and activity needed here. In my opinion, we need a strong leader and lots of more member companies and individuals in Finland before can even talk about member qualification and certications. I think we have to spread and praise the joyful analytics message to raise overall awareness and interest for WAA. After that we can go deeper with standards and semantics.

I have plenty of ideas and again, I try to write more often. Although in next couple of weeks I will be quite busy as we're moving with my family into a house we just bought. Please be patient and stay tuned, I will have something to share. Here's one point: lately the challenges in several projects/customers are not technical web analytics stuff, they relate more and more on people, leadership and (the web analytics) process management...What do you think about this? Please share your thoughts and give me comments.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

eMetrics Summit in Stockholm - see me live on stage! (canceled)

My original home town Joensuu
I hope you all had (or some of you may still have) a relaxing and nice summer. Sorry for this long break in posting, that's mostly because of my vacation. During that, I spent six weeks with my family and did some travelling in Finland. We enjoyed Finnish summer, although sometimes it's not very pleasant experience to sit in a car hours with small kids, if you know what I mean... : ) (damn you Pixmania for screwing up the delivery of the car DVD system)

Now I'm back in business and will have plenty to do for catching up my posting frequency. Have to admit though, I did some work during my holiday. After couple of arrangements I'm so excited about the fact that I will be on stage at eMetrics Summit in Stockholm (canceled)! This is a huge thing for me, mostly because of my public speaking goals (thanks Tomi for the tip). And to be honest, I have to say that I haven't been speaking in an event like this ever. I should do a presentation with Allan Malmström, but I'm little bit afraid that this is about to change.

I have plenty of time to plan a good script as the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit will be held on 23rd and 24th of September. I will be in very good company as there are other speakers like Jim Sterne, Steve Jackson, Lars Johansson and the rest.

I will be presenting the study case of SEA LIFE Helsinki - From online and offline campaign tracking to the optimization of marketing. If you can't make it to the Stockholm this year, I will try to get my presentation public and put it here. If you don't know what this event is, you can read about the history of eMetrics Summit or just take a look of this short video ad: