Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Check out short interview - videos increase visitor engagement

Last week I had a chance to talk with Mr. Gunnar Lier, editor in chief of Inspired by his presentation at Open Nordic and eZ Conference in Skien, I asked for a short interview. Unfortunately Tero's memory card just ran out before I thanked for sharing his insights. Well, here it is - thank you Gunnar, please feel free to add comments you may have afterwards.

But how can you measure visitor engagement? You can use this awesome model of Eric Peterson or, of course, you can start with more simple metrics like:
  • visits per unique visitors
  • page views per visit
  • video downloads per visit
  • average time on site
  • frequency of visits
It's also interesting to compare different kind of visitor segments. For example: do visitors who watch videos convert better or spend more time on site than visitors who don't download any video content? As you can see from the picture below, I had my only visitor peak so far when I published my first home made video interview.

There has been some discussion (e.g. around BBC's iPlayer) that do we have enough network capacity if we are spending more and more video content? Well, that's another story - we have to wait and see how media consuming changes...

One thing I do know: my big brand new TV has been used pretty much by my oldest daughter Mona, and I'm spending more and more time with social media in the evenings. OK, I watch sports of course, but this is why marketers have to measure everything, especially effects of offline and online advertising.

In some point I'll be writing about tracking social media. Check out also this very cool breakdance video from eZ Awards show. You can do this too...after 7 years of practice. Way to go! : )