Saturday, April 26, 2008

Challenges in Web Analytics

There is some kind of constant debate going on in the field whether web analytics is easy or not? I have to agree with Mr. Eric Peterson about this. I started with Webalizer somewhere around 2002-2003 and nowadays I'm a part time web analytics consultant with more complex situations (part time because I have an Internet company to run as a CEO). Currently I work in five active analytics projects with different size and kind of companies. Here's some of my latest challenges:
  • multiple web analytics systems in place
  • problems with data integrity and accuracy
  • customers having difficulties to create or understand KPIs
  • multiple vendors doing overlapping work
  • difficulties to start the continuous process
  • lack of time, people involved only part time
  • delivering reports, not actually analysing the data
  • difficulties to take actions
  • attitude problems
And I know I'm not the only one. Steve Jackson listed recently a challenge per month. Fortunately we can overcome these challenges, because as you can see most of them are people related issues. My next post is about greetings from the Web Analytics Wednesday and Omniture Summit in Copenhagen; new ideas and tips for getting the value out of analytics. You can already see couple of photos from the event on the right.