Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shopping Search in Finland

People are shopping online and that's a fact. According to a research of Statistics Finland, almost half of Finnish people had bought something from the web in 2006. Unfortunately there’s no such a cool thing as Google shopping search here, so comparing prices and online stores can be time consuming task, although it's still lot of easier than running around different physical locations.

If you have or would like to establish an online store, we have couple of options for search visibility (mostly in Finnish). Almost each of these announce different metrics about usage: page views, visitors and unique visitors. Hard to say whether these are really good for your online business, but they are probably worth to mention:
  • - in my opinion, this is the closest match on Google’s unpaid shopping search. Unfortunately it seems like you can't submit your products (for free like and the search is probably based on their own algorithm. They say in January 2008 there was over 976 000 unique visitors.
  • - cost per click (CPC) pricing method for sellers, a click price depends on product category. You pay more if you have visibility in a hot category, set up fee case by case. They say there's 600 000 unique visitors in month.
  • - over 100 sellers and 100 000 products. Maximum price for sellers is 50 euros per month. They say there's approximately 2 million page views each month.
  • Hintaseuranta - over 100 sellers and over 38 000 products, mainly electronics stuff. They say there's hundreds of thousands visitors each week.
  • - 1119 sellers and over 196 000 products. Price for seller is 120 euros per year.
In addition, Afterdawn and are based on Google's customized search. lists different kind of online stores, not actual products. Soprano Kauppakeskus has same kind of idea with nice visual layout and interface. Let me hear if I missed something here?