Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Global Thoughtz from Finland

Thank you Lars for getting me involved in Global Thoughtz Scandinavia. As they say: "We searched the globe for the brightest bloggers who have a passion for online marketing"...Well, I agree the passion but I totally leave rest of the responsibility to Manoj Jasra who carefully evaluated the blogger. : ) My first post at Global Thoughtz was about search engines in Finland, completing the same topic in this blog earlier. I hope to get some support and more accurate statistics on this one from Dennis in the future.

One of my team mates asked me to write about hockey. Here it is, analysis for our team G-force: This season we simple suck and we're not going to make the playoffs! Only one win, 7 losses and 2 ties with 5 games remaining. Unfortunately, in our hobby league, that's pretty much all the statistics we get, so I don't have to analyse saving or shooting percentages etc. I don't even know how many goals I have scored (not many though). Maybe the information is somewhere but if you're interested, take a look at Eurohockey's stats - a piece from my hockey career.