Saturday, October 6, 2007

Open mind creates great value and new innovations

Openmind and Mindtrek seminars this week at Tampere got me thinking again. I started this blog about four months ago with open mind and purpose to be open and share information. I have had almost 500 visitors from 15 different counties with minimum marketing efforts. Most of the traffic (80 %) comes from Finland, but there are also visitors from the rest of the Europe and US. The good news is that 43 % of visitors are returning and this is just a start.

I have received very good comments and positive feedback. I would like to encourage my dear (finnish) readerds to comment and ask questions. You can also send me hot topics and I'll reveal my honest thoughts. Regardless of my starting reasons, I have learned a lot and most of the comments got me thinking. Openess will create great value and start new innovations!

I would like to hear your thoughts about this? Or do you find big advantages or competitive edge being introverted? If you think how open source has changed especially the software business, it's very hard to defend proprietary software vendors. Developing with open source is faster, easier and usually cheaper. It allows you re-engineering and avoiding the vendor lock-in.

While thinking about our company's open source software strategy, I try to use openess as a one of the key values of our services. Practically it means very open minded consulting with search engine optimization and web analytics, basicly everything I know about it. I hope we can give customers great value by sharing this information. I really believe that we'll start new innovations and I hope we have credits also in the future.