Thursday, September 6, 2007

To grow or not to grow?

Earlier this week I had a chance to listen and talk with Mr. Mårten Mickos in Helsinki. He presented a very good question, a question which I often bounce with customers: "What's your company's purpose, are you going to grow or make a profit?". More and more I spend time with customers thinking about how search engine marketing and websites can help finding the new customers and making the sales. It's easy to agree when Mårten said: "The market is online. The production force is online. Globally."

Especially if you're in the software business, as we are. Mårten replied my question and said that CMS markets are very fragmented, mostly because Content Management Systems are not mission critical software in the companies. I thought about it for a while and now I must partly disagree. Here's couple of points why:
  • with help of search engine marketing websites are lead generators 24/7
  • some companies sell their products or services online 24/7
  • websites may have discussion forums handled by CMS
  • content management systems may be integrated to ERP or CRM systems
  • companies may use extranet-services for their resellers worldwide
  • intranet solutions may be handled by CMS and they may be very crucial for day-to-day work
For me and my company's sake, I just hope that internet marketing is becoming more and more business and mission critical in the near future. And I hope we'll soon have very good case studies about growth to show off even here. Next week I'll give a report from Stockholm's Web Analytics Tuesday.