Saturday, July 28, 2007

How to avoid wrong kind of SEO consultants

Sony Center, Berlin
Let's say, after all, we really want to increase the traffic of our website. There is more and more consultants offering their services which may be called as Search Engine Optimization (SEO, hakukoneoptimointi in Finnish). But, as in every business, there are different kind of consultants, and unfortunately every SEO consultant is not the right one. In my couple of years experience from Finnish markets and again, with the help of Search Engine Marketing Inc., I offer you a list how to recognize and avoid wrong kind of SEO consultants:
  • Guaranteed top place in search results! No one can promise top rankings with "legal" ways, because there are simply too many outside factors also out of their control.
  • Minimal time for top rankings! No one can get your site on top of the search results in days or 1-2 weeks because search engine spiders do not visit and index your site so frequently (look out Webinfo in Finland at this point!).
  • Minimal changes to your site! Every decent SEO consultant will suggest changes to your website, whether they are big or not - it depends on your current situation and technology. Prepare about the changes because that's the only right way how search engines can find your site better.
  • Special code! No one can build technology which offers you automatically top spots. There are good tools which have to be used, but mostly it's all about hard specialist's work.
  • High permanent monthly fee! When the job is done, it's done. And it takes some time to evaluate how we succeeded. In my opinion, seach engines don't change so often and dramatically that there should be work to be done in weekly or montly basis.
The worst thing you might experience for hiring the wrong company, is that your website will be found search engines' black lists...