Sunday, June 17, 2007

Up and running

Finally, after a while, I opened my blog. Why on earth? That is a good question. Here's couple of good reasons:
  • natural pressure from other professionals and colleagues
  • anxiety to share information and experiences
  • informal place to shout out own opinions and ideas
  • possibility to have comments and different point of views
  • writing seems to be very therapeutic
  • search engine optimization
  • sales & branding
  • curiosity
I try to start topics from easy and understandable level. I hope this blog gives something for beginners but I also hope it leads in more in-depht conversations or debates. Feel free to comment, ask a question or suggest a topic to discuss.

I decided to keep it in English, sorry for grammar errors which may occur regularly. I hope my English gets better. Today I spent approximately 3 hours with starting this blog, not bad by the way. I hope it's worthwile, I'll let you know... : )