Thursday, June 28, 2007

Get your site on top of the search results

Or pay enough, so your advertisement will be on the top spots. But why it's important to get high rankings in organic search results?
  • over 3 million people uses Internet in Finland
  • more than half of these users are buying online
  • there are approximately 5 million searches per day
  • up to 80 % of searchers ingore paid listings
  • almost every searcher is looking at the two or three top search results
  • searchers spend less time looking at results ranked below top three
  • almost 90 % of searchers don't scroll down if they find something useful on the top results
So, are you in or out of these search markets? Getting your site on top of the list with your keyword isn't still enough. Then you have to get users to click the search link...or your paid ad.

Sources: Tilastokeskus, Digitoday and Search Engine Marketing, Inc.