Sunday, October 9, 2011

Survey results: Challenges of measuring Internet marketing

I was speaking at Internet Marketing Conference this week in Helsinki. My presentation was about challenges of measuring Internet marketing. I did a small survey (in Finnish) before my presentation to get real opinions on this matter. Below you can see the results of this survey. Click any bar to see the percentages of each challenge.

This survey is based on the six key sectors of analytics maturity model by Stéphane Hamel (although I added couple points of my own). You can use his self assessment tool in order to evaluate your analytics maturity. Feel free to comment on these results or the challenges you may have.


  1. I don't think it is difficult to measure if your campaign is working or not. There are so many free tools online that can help you track down your success.

  2. This survey was done lately in Finland. I agree that measuring shouldn't be that difficult but on the other you can see that it's not about tools / systems.