Saturday, December 19, 2009

IRC-Galleria loosing users in Finland

It has been a while since my last post, actually almost two months. I have been quite busy with preaching and teaching - firing and hiring. However I have done some microblogging, so you can follow me, our company and Naviatech people on Twitter. Just the other day I found out a trend in Finnish social media scene. has been very popular social media site among youths in Finland. As you can see, based on statistics from Google Ad Planner and Alexa, IRC-Galleria is definitely loosing users. In January the site was 4th in Alexa's ranking and now it's in 15th position. Question is: what has happened?

After asking from couple of people my best guess is that IRC-Galleria users are turning to Facebook. I think this is because Facebook's entertaining features and new privacy settings. Now youngster (and all of us as well) can select what content they are showing to their parents. If you're trying to reach young people and you're planning advertising in IRC-Galleria, you may want to think again... : )

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  1. Interesting post. The Google trend is particularly worrying for IRC. This is a more accurate figure from TNS in Finland but it shows the same thing since this time in 2008.

    IRC Galleria figures from TNS Metrix

    They have lost about 200,000 weekly users since the end of last year.

    I agree with your assessment that it's probably the rise of other social platforms (FaceBook/Twitter) but I think the decline is more gradual.

    The TNS figures show a steady slow decline with a peak in the middle of the year and then a decline again since about week 35.

    If I'm working for IRC I would look to see what they did in week 35 that was a success and attempt to repeat it.

  2. True Steve,

    Although I have to admit that I don't know exactly how these systems (Ad Planner, Alexa and TNS Metrix) collect the data. Trend is obvious, but you can't compare data between the systems, right?

    Truth is out there and probably somewhere between. Definitely interesting and needs more research. Where are young people going and why?