Friday, November 28, 2008

IMC presentation available - Campaign tracking and Marketing optimization case

Magnus, Terhi, Lars, Lennart, Elina, Steve, Mira, Janne, Oliver, Henrik, Thomas, Tobias, Mark, James, Andrey, Denis, Jen, Stephan, Jesper, Katri, Marc, Henry, Pekka, Mikko, Nicolas - everyone else I met and everyone who watched my presentation: thank you for making the IMC Stockholm 2008 such of nice, usefull and relaxed event!

There was companies like Videoplaza, Trainers' House Analytics, Naviatech, IIH Copenhagen, Google, WebTrends, Maxymiser, Interwoven, Yandex, Unica, Clickstar, Traceworks, Creuna, Snoobi, Getupdated, Omniture and many many more. As promised, here is my IMC presentation about online and offline campaign tracking and marketing optimization at SEA LIFE Helsinki. I will write a recap from the event later so stay tuned.
"Good shit!"
Steve Jackson right after my presentation. : )


  1. I think you should know them. : )

    I just added captions so everyone can know who everyone is.

    Looking forward to get other comments about my presentation and photos as well.

    Let's see if I can be speaker again at IMC Helsinki on March 2009. ; )

  2. Nice, good and familiar case presentation!

  3. Thanks Tomi, feel free to share in your corporation! : )

  4. Always nice to see pics (well maybe not our family album though).

    And Lars, you and Lennart in the two shots, just great, as well as the whole event :). Thanks!

  5. Good shit those photos too! :)

  6. Hi Petri,

    thanks for sharing the pics. good time hanging out with you at IMC.

    about your presentation, setting up unique URLs for different channels is a great way to track and compare. It sounds so easy and is but often not understood or implemented in campaign planning.

    thanks for sharing a good example on how it improves marketing mix transparency.

  7. Steve, sys, Henry

    thanks for your kind words!

    I recommend for advertisers to use campaign specific domain name to measure exact amount of traffic generated, especially in most expensive channels like TV.

    It's one easy and simple way not just to measure but also activate people from their couches, and it makes you think more deeply about campaign concept and goals (=actions needed)!

    It's all about ROI. : )