Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kalle Heinonen Joins Naviatech as Advisor but Leaves Trainer's House Satama

Kalle Heinonen, country manager of WAA Finland, joins Naviatech board as an advisor. Kalle is a well known web analyst and he has been selected to the list of TOP 100 influentials in Finland by Tietoviikko magazine. This week's news is that Kalle is leaving Satama. And I have to say that Kalle working with us doesn't have anything to do with the last one. I don't know all the details, but he was nominated to Naviatech board in the end of April. Personally, I really look forward to Kalle's effort in next meetings we have.

It's good news for Naviatech, if Kalle has more time and energy for us. It's also interesting to see what will be the next step for him? I guess he has plenty of offers on the table as we speak, but I wouldn't be surprised if he has some business plans of his own. I'm also pretty sure that he will take some time off, breathe for a while and relax before any big decision. Kalle can probably handle very different kind of positions in the field of (online) marketing and analytics, but what kind of job is motivating him and challenging enough?


  1. Great news for Kalle as he is now free for new ideas and opportunities.!!!
    For innovators life is just too short to stand still!

  2. Kalle Heinonen's work in the SEM and Web Analytics scene in Finland has added paramount value over the years. Kalle, thanks for setting standards and keeping the bar high in such an abstract and misinterpreted area of opportunities.

    Whatever it is you decide to do next, it will probably turn into gold. So everyone keep an eye out for this guy..

    P.S. The summer grill party invitation is still open :)


  3. Thank you guys for your comments. And especially thanks Tapsa for your invitation, looking forward coming to Turku... : )

    We have plenty of evangelist work to do in the world of analytics, but case by case and customer by customer, common knowlegde is increasing.